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Therapy Activities for Kids

Spark Organizer for Therapy Resources


Inner Critters™ Set 1


Inner Critters™ Set 2


Body Signals


I AM Mandala


Stranger Thinks

Emetophobia Therapy Game for Kids


DIGITAL Toss Your Cookies


Unicorn Emotions

Dinosaur Emotions

Unboxing Emotions (Ages 6-10)

Unboxing Emotions (Ages 11+)

Digital Product Launch Workshop

Digital Productpreneur Consultation


Therapy Product Creation Toolkit


Hey, Kid Therapists!

Welcome! I'm Kim. 👋

Each activity here is created for you by me, a licensed therapist with over 22 years of experience, so you have what you need to do what you love.

Emotions + Shenanigans = EMOTIONanigans

Our activities make it easy for you to craft fun and engaging sessions that help your clients navigate their emotional world.

Together, we're creating a world where kids grow up loving themselves. I'm so happy to be in this with you!

💛 Kim Lange, LCMHC

Founder, Emotionanigans

Craft Brilliant Kid Therapy Sessions

Twice a month, I share ideas, hand-selected activities, and trusted resources for creating engaging and effective therapy sessions.

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