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DIGITAL Toss Your Cookies

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Digital Toss Your Cookies

Emetophobia Teletherapy Game for Kids

With Digital Toss Your Cookies, you can bring the magic of play into your telehealth sessions while engaging kids in exposures to vomit-themed words, emojis, and cartoons. 🎮 🤢

Want to play in person? Find the printable version here.

Age Range: 8 and up

Number of Players: 2 or more

Toss Your Cookies is designed to support kids in practicing exposures to their fear of vomit and vomiting in a playful way. Through the card game, they practice strategies and skills to quiet emetophobia.

You'll receive a PCIO file that enables you to upload and play the game on the platform. Say goodbye to physical cards and embrace the convenience of a digital deck for your teletherapy sessions.

Setup is a breeze with our video and written walkthroughs, showing you step-by-step how to upload the game to the platform.

We’ve got you covered with all the essential goodies inside:

🎮 Digital gameplay on No more physical cards required.

📚 Therapist guide: Printable game play instructions for quick reference.

🔧 Simple setup: Follow our detailed written and video walkthroughs to easily upload the game to

📹 Video tutorials: Step-by-step guidance on game setup, gameplay, and customization options.

👥 Flexibility: Adjust the cards, remove the background, and set the number of players to suit your needs.

Together, we can banish the fear of vomit one card at a time!

Illustrated by Ashley Bruce

What’s Included

Digital Toss Your Cookies

A PCIO file for playing the game on is a free platform for playing games online. Please note that this file is only compatible with the platform and will not open on your desktop.

two laptops one displaying the website with a purple arrow pointing a the second laptop displaying the digital version of toss your cookies, an emetophobia teletherapy game

Therapist Guide

A 9-page guide featuring a written walkthrough of game setup, printable game play instructions, and links to three video tutorials—How to Set Up, How to Play, and How to Customize Digital Toss Your Cookies.

Shows the pages inside the therapist guide including links to tutorial video and game play instructions for digital toss your cookies

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