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Unboxing Emotions (Ages 6-10)

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Unboxing Emotions

Emotional Awareness and Expression

Rapport Building 

Ages 6-10

Working with older kids? Find the pre-teen/teen version here. 

A virtual scavenger hunt activity where clients "unbox" prompts and then search their space for items that represent the prompts. 

The unboxing prompts included are: 
  • Something you can use to calm yourself when angry or upset.
  • Something that makes you laugh.
  • Something that is special to you.
  • Something that brings you comfort.
  • Something that is the color of sadness.
  • Something you do for fun.
  • Something you made yourself.
  • Something you love to wear.
  • Something you like that others may not.
  • Something that makes you feel proud.

This activity is a PDF formatted as a presentation. It is designed to be screen shared in telehealth sessions. 

What's Included: 
  • 12 page Unboxing Emotions Activity (PDF Slideshow) 
  • 3 page Activity Guide, a written walk-through so you have what you need to lead the activity

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (970KB)
  • PDF (2MB)

Please Note

You are purchasing a digital download licensed for one therapist only. If more than one therapist wants to use this activity, the purchase of mulitple licenses is required. 

By purchasing this activity, while I am a licensed clinician, I am not your counselor or your clinical supervisor. The content does not constitute medical advice, and does not establish a therapist-client relationship. 

This resource is intended as a supplement and is not a replacement for professional therapy, appropriate training, or supervision. Professionals should not practice outside of their scope of competency, and they should defer to their own professional judgement. 

Refunds are not available for digital download sales; all sales are final.

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