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Spark Organizer

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Spark Organizer

Your Therapy Toolkit Reimagined

You’ve collected some amazing ideas for your sessions.

Now, let’s make sure you can quickly find them when you need them.

⭐ Say goodbye to the chaos of scattered therapy resources!

Spark Organizer is your digital sanctuary. No more hunting through scattered files and paper piles, with features like linking to Google Drive, managing your uploaded files, and connecting to your favorite websites, everything you need is just a click away.

⭐ Speed up your session prep and maximize the time spent engaging with clients in sessions.

Navigate with ease using dynamic filters and end the time-suck of trying to find that resource you know you have, but you’re just not sure where you put it.

Take advantage of preset properties such as topic categories, age ranges, and formats, or customize them to suit your approach.

Whether it’s locating an activity for a teen grappling with worries, or discovering another gem in your Spark Organizer, what you need is quickly and conveniently at your fingertips.

 Build a robust toolkit so you have what you need to do what you love.

Step beyond the ordinary spreadsheet! Not only can you list, filter, and sort your therapy resources, but every item added to the Spark Organizer opens in a page view.

This feature grants you the space to add personalized notes, relevant process questions, a supply list, and anything else you need to effectively apply the resources in sessions.

Here's how the Spark Organizer works:

What's Included

Spark Organizer Template

A database template built in Notion so you can collect, organize, and easily access your digital therapy resources and favorite website links. To use this template, a free Notion account is required.

Spark Organizer User Guide

A step-by-step guide designed to help you quickly get started with your Spark Organizer. It includes two short video tutorials: one providing a walk-through of the Spark Organizer and another offering tips for easy navigation within the Spark Organizer.

Screenshots of the Spark Organizer showing the Notion template view, add your resources table view, and the add more details in the page view. Shows the Spark Organizer for managing therapy resources.

Here's what customers are saying about the Spark Organizer...

I feel more confident that I will be able to access resources quickly. It's a great value! Anyone who collects resources online would benefit from this tool. –Jenna

I got mine yesterday and I’m very excited! It’s so well organized and you can tell a lot of care has gone into this tool! –Erin

This is a very helpful tool. Especially when I'm trying to conduct teletherapy sessions and need to quickly access resources. Love the layout and color-coding options. –Leticia

It is life changing! Adds ease to an already challenging job as a therapist! –Kristen

Whereas the thought of organizing my therapy resources seemed overwhelming before, now it’s so satisfying. Sometimes, our time and brainpower is worth saving for a few dollars. –Lindsey

Next Steps

After making your purchase…

  1. Download your welcome letter: This letter contains the link to access your Spark Organizer User Guide. You'll also receive a copy via email. If you are in the UK/EU, please make sure you tick the box to receive emails or you won't get the email with the link.
  2. Sign up for a free Notion account: If you don't have one already, create a free Notion account.
  3. Duplicate the Spark Organizer template: Follow the link provided in the User Guide to duplicate the Spark Organizer template into your Notion workspace.
  4. Enjoy using your Spark Organizer: You're all set to make the most of Spark Organizer and streamline your therapy resource management!


What is the Spark Organizer?

Spark Organizer is a digital therapy resource management tool designed to streamline the organization and accessibility of your therapy resources. Built on Notion, this digital database allows you to easily add, organize, and access therapy resources, making them readily available for your sessions. 

What is Notion? is an all-in-one workspace, essentially a digital notebook to create and organize notes, documents, databases, and more within a single online platform. The Spark Organizer is built within the Notion platform.

Do I need a Notion account to use Spark Organizer?

Yes. A free Notion account is required to use the Spark Organizer.

Do I need a paid Notion account to use the Spark Organizer?

No. A free Notion account is all you need. However, if you intend to upload files larger than 5MB, you will want to upgrade to a paid plan.

Is the Spark Organizer a document I download?

No. It's accessible online through the Notion platform, and you can also access it on your desktop or mobile device using the Notion app. 

Will I be able to access it from my computer?

To access Notion via your web browser you need to be using Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer is not compatible. The mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android. If you opt to use the Notion desktop app, it is compatible with both Mac and PC. You can read more about the system requirements by clicking here. 

Is this just a spreadsheet?

Nope! Spark Organizer goes beyond a simple spreadsheet. Although it uses a database structure similar to a spreadsheet, it provides dynamic features like advanced filtering by age range, topic, format, and personal rating. It also allows you to upload files, embed links to Google Drive, and use a page view for adding personalized notes and process questions. This makes it a complete system for therapists seeking efficient resource management.

How do I access the Spark Organizer after purchase?

After purchase, download your welcome letter, which includes the link to access your Spark Organizer User Guide. Follow the instructions to sign up for a free Notion account, and then duplicate the Spark Organizer template into your Notion workspace using the link provided in the User Guide.

Can I customize the Spark Organizer to fit my needs?

Absolutely! You can add to it over time and build your therapy toolkit. While the Spark Organizer is based on my approach to organizing resources, every property is editable. You can customize them to better match your unique style and preferences.

Can I share the Spark Organizer with my colleagues?

No. Your purchase grants you the rights for your use only. Sharing or distributing the Spark Organizer template is not allowed.

Is this a one-time fee or a monthly fee?

It's one payment of $19. There is no recurring fee.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are not allowed due to the digital nature and immediate availability of the Spark Organizer.

Have another question I haven't answered yet?

Send me, Kim, an email at hello [at] and I'll get back to you.

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These resources have been created and curated by Kim Lange, LCMHC & Emotionanigans, LLC as a supplement to therapy with a qualified counseling professional with appropriate training and experience. Nothing in the resources constitutes medical advice. You understand and agree that these resources are not a replacement for professional therapy and that purchasing or otherwise obtaining them does not establish a therapist-client relationship. You further acknowledge and agree that these resources are not a replacement for appropriate training and clinical supervision, and purchasing them does not establish a therapist-supervisor relationship. You agree not to practice outside your scope of competency and to defer to your professional judgment in utilizing these resources.