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Body Signals

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Body Signals

Interoception Cards and Body Map Activity

Body Signals guides kids to tune in to their internal messages and develop their sense of interoception.

In this interactive activity, therapists engage kids in exploring body signals using specially designed cards that depict 52 different body sensations.

From the flutter in their stomach to the pressure in their head, these cards serve as a guide for kids to recognize and interpret their own physical messages.

These cards expand the emotional vocabulary of children and teens by encouraging the use of a visual language to express themselves.

The Body Map included in Body Signals provides a creative space for kids to map out their unique body sensations, encouraging self-awareness.

And– the Body Map can be personalized! Kids can add their own hairstyle, making the map truly their own.

By tuning in to their internal messages, kids develop a greater understanding of the ways their body communicates with them.

It’s like having a secret decoder ring that collects body sensations and sends them to their brain, helping answer the question, “How do I Feel?”

Body Signal Card Illustrations: Katelyn Malone

Body Map Illustrations: Ashley Bruce

What’s Included

Therapist Guide

A 6-page resource providing practical tips and guidance on effectively using the Body Signals activity. It also includes idea sparks, offering creative ways to integrate the activity into counseling sessions.

Therapist Guide for Body Signals Interoception Counseling Activity

52 Printable Body Signal Cards

Specially designed cards featuring icons representing 52 distinct body sensations.

And 2 Blank Cards

Customize and personalize the therapy experience by providing an opportunity for children and teens to share their individual sensations, fostering a deeper understanding of their unique experiences.

52 Interoception Cards for Body Signals Interoception Counseling Activity

One-Page Body Map

A compact body outline designed for mapping body sensations.

Two-Page Body Map

An expanded body map allowing more space for mapping body sensations.

2 page Body Map for Body Signals Interoception Counseling Activity

Personalizable Body Maps

Printable one-page and two-page body maps that children and adolescents can personalize by adding their own hairstyle.

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